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Your Support Counts

I want to continue to make your voice heard. I want to continue to do a great job for you and make our town a great place to live. But I cannot do it if I’m not re-elected. That’s where I need your help. 

There are strict rules about how much a person can contribute to their own campaign. This makes fundraising a necessity. So, in addition to your vote, I need your generosity in order to spread the word about our vision for Milton and my desire to serve.


Every bit counts and brings us closer to a brighter future. Will you help me get the word out?

Help me obey the rules!

In order to donate you must be a resident of Ontario, be a person (not a corporation or a union), the donation must be from a personal financial source (not from a corporation or union), and you cannot donate more that $1,200 per donor for my entire campaign. Only donations $25 and under may be made in cash. A receipt will be provided for all donations, however donations are NOT income tax deductible. Thank you!

Action. Contribution. Cooperation. Success.

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