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Our Ward 1

Harmony. Opportunity. Community. Balance.

The Ward

The map on this page represents the ward system as of 2018, reduced from a previous eight wards to the current four. 


Ward 1 is geographically large, containing rural, suburban, and downtown areas. It is also unique in the features it offers: an historic downtown core, a thriving industrial area, numerous conservation and rural areas, and pockets of new residential development. Ward 1 is the heart of Milton.

The Issues

We've all heard about them: the proposed Reid Reservoir Quarry in Campbellville, The CN Intermodal Hub, planning for future growth, the state of roads and infrastructure, the lack of parking in urban neighbourhoods, public transit, affordable housing, and so many more. Some of these issues have more impact in Ward 1, but they are all Milton issues that require thought and action. Visit my Milton Matters page to learn more about these issues, and the action residents have asked me to take toward addressing them.

The Job

My job as councillor is to balance the interests of all residents and preserve the rights they currently enjoy, while working to expand safety, opportunity and ultimately maintaining harmony throughout the ward and working hard to advance the interests of all residents. I understand the distinctive ways of life for residents across the entire ward, rural and urban.

Above all else, I am a forceful advocate for the interests of local residents and businesses within the ward, and of course, for Milton as a whole and complete community.  

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