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Laying the Foundation 

Gratitude. Victory. Teamwork. Connection 

Second Term as Ward 1 Town Councillor

On October 24, 2022, you tasked me with representing you at Town Hall. With 72% of the vote, I became your Councillor for a second term. And I've been working hard to make you feel good about your decision ever since.

Ward 1 had the best voter turnout in the 2018 and 2022 municipal elections. We should be proud of our Ward's commitment to democratic participation, and I know we can still improve.  

Now, with the my first term as Councillor complete ad my second term well underway, I feel more confident than ever in my decision to put my name forward for civic service, and to continue to build on all I've learned from you, town staff, and elected partners.

I am honoured to continue as your Councillor and keep working on the foundation we've laid together to make our lives in Milton and Ward 1 even better. 



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